BBQ Evening!

Organising BBQ evenings at fresco is the outmost experience of a genuine Greek holiday.

We like to offer our guests the choice to eat and drink well while socializing with our Multinational clientele, sitting in our long wooden table under the mulberry tree or being with their family and friends in one of our beach front decks!
The nice and warm summer evenings, the burning wood in the open and the relaxing sound of the waves that blends with the authentic Greek music create a unique atmosphere to make your day so special!

Whether it is lamp or pork chops, village sausages, steak or calf fillets, fresh of the day sea bream or sea bass from the neighboring island of Cephelonia, you will feel the difference in taste, the aromas of the special dressings by chef George, let alone the freshly prepared starters and appetizers that escort your main course.

When is the next BBQ evening? You might find your answer here!

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Approximate cost: €15/portion


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